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Efficient, fast and safe.

Packed with features such as a REMdevice remote control, high capacity scale system, compact and mobile form factor, hydraulic twistlocks, user-friendly operation and more. All the tools to ensure you can get the job done quickly and easily.

container tilter in scrap yard
The Alert ACT9020 20' Container Tilter

Fill containers quickly, easily and safely with the versatile ACT9020 container tilter. Designed for the specific demands of the scrap recycling industry, the Alert 20' container tilter will revolutionise your scrap loading facility. Turbo boost the productivity of your scrap yard with the ACT9020 Container Tilter.


Supercharge your container filling process.

Download the brochure:

Highly Mobile

With a rigid all-in-one form factor, the ACT9020 can be picked up by your forklift or reach stacker and easily moved to anywhere in the yard. Or simply place it on a flat-deck truck to transport to another site.

Ladder and Access Platform

Safely inspect and record contents before closing the doors. Operator can lock the doors in place to prevent spillage when lowered.

Robust Hydraulic Door Closers

Easily open or close the container doors with the hydraulically powered Door Closers. When placing or removing a container from the tilter, the counter-weighted Door Closers simply hinge down to avoid accidental damage.

Watch the ACT9020 Container Tilter in action

Containers can be fitted, filled, and removed quickly and safely as demonstrated in these videos. This particular demonstration shows how the container can be fitted using a light forklift, and then removed using a Swinglift truck/trailer. Alternatively, a reach-stacker or large forklift can be used for removing the full container.

High Capacity Scale System

High capacity load cells relay the container weight back to the power pack's touchscreen as well as the REMdevice remote control.

Hydraulic Twistlocks

Hydraulically operated twistlocks ensure the fastest, easiest and safest method to secure containers to the tilter.

Smart Power Pack and Remote Control

A touchscreen-enabled power pack coupled with a REMdevice remote control with LCD display makes operation a breeze.

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