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Our Services

Alert Engineering is your comprehensive one-stop-shop for industrial machinery, hydraulic services, diagnostics, welding and fabrication, machining, and custom design. From heavy-duty equipment, machine rebuilding to spare parts, replacement parts, and custom parts, we specialise in providing complete quality engineering solutions to all of our customers.

Fabrication Services

Alert Engineering is the perfect choice for all your fabrication needs! With services ranging from welding and fabrication to assembly and modifications, our experienced technicians strive to provide the highest quality repairs and customizations. Trust us with all your fabrication services and let us take your project to the next level.

Hydraulic Services

Alert Engineering offers complete hydraulic services including diagnosis, repairs, cylinder overhauls, servicing and maintenance. Our experienced technicians will ensure your equipment is operating at its peak performance.

Spare Parts

Our team of experienced engineers have you covered. Whether you're looking for a standard replacement part,  rare part for an old model or a custom part for a specialized application, our team of experts have you covered.

Machining Services

Alert Engineering provides precision machining services for all your needs. Our facility is equipped with a large CNC milling machine, lathes, and drilling equipment to create or modify parts for any project.

Equipment Sales

Alert Engineering offers a comprehensive range of durable standard equipment and machinery solutions, as well as custom one-off design solutions, the perfect choice for all your industrial needs. We are also proud to partner with leading industry suppliers to provide additional world-class quality products.

Design Services

Alert Engineering offers custom design services tailored to your needs with experienced in-house design using the latest SolidWorks CAD software. We can generate high quality manufacturing drawings, and ensure that your projects come to life with detailed renderings for visualisation or presentations.

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