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Work with us to find your perfect solution.

What We Do

Fifty years of extensive knowledge and experience

Our specialty is in waste and recycling equipment where we both build machinery, and import many specialist items for this growing industry.

We produce machinery such as container tilters, baling presses, can balers, alligator shears, waste compactors, fork bins, skip bins, hook bins, gantry/skip bin truck bodies and more.

Our design team can develop concepts to provide taylor made solutions to your manufacturing needs. CNC machining and fabrication by our own trades people means that projects are continually monitored for quality and delivery schedules are met.


Experienced in-house design using the latest Solidworks CAD software  means we can cater to any stage of a project - from initial concept visualisation, to high quality manufacturing drawings, to a finished product.


Big or small, we can create what you need. We employ the latest fabrication technologies such as laser cutting and folding to achieve a cost-efficient and satisfying end result.


Our world-wide world-class agency lines can deliver the best solution, giving what you need the first time. We also take care of all your spare part requirements.


For any of your machinery servicing needs, we can help - whether it's a one-off service or repair, or a scheduled regular maintenance schedule.

Why Partner with Alert Engineering

Smart design and solutions

Alert Engineering takes pride in providing innovative and effective solutions that mean good things for your business. We always look outside of the box while ensuring that we can achieve the goal as simply as possible.

A full suite of services

Whatever you need, and whatever the size, we can get it done. And if there's something we can't do in-house, our strong network of supplementary services means we are your one-stop shop for all your engineering requirements.

Integrity and experience

With our extensive experience accumulated over several decades, you can be assured that Alert Engineering will stand by all of our products and services  to provide a solution you'll be happy with. 





Alert Engineering is New Zealand's premier design, manufacturing and sales company specialising in waste and recycling machinery.


For Your Total

Engineering Needs

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