New Agency Product Line

29 July 2013

Bergmann Machinery for Waste Management

Alert Engineering are now the agent for Bergmann Germany who have been manufacturing machines for waste management for over 40 years. 

The BERGMANN program includes five product groups for compacting waste, enabling the economic compaction of nearly all materials for a wide variety of problems of disposal:


BERGMANN pack stations as a compact solution for compacting waste at the workplace such as cardboard, packing foil, polystyrene, fruit boxes, cans etc.  Please see the below Roto-Baler 1400E

BERGMANN Roll-Packer for compaction of waste in open containers. Depending on the requirement, even household garbage cans are compacted in addition to one-way pallets, wooden boxes and rubbish.

BERGMANN Waste-press boxes have several patented features that bring monetary benefits. For cardboard, paper and foil predestined next highest compression results are the elimination of the otherwise necessary cleaning under and behind the ram in the foreground.

BERGMANN Waste-press boxes are then in your element when it comes to the compaction of wet or problem waste. These proven press boxes work with a floating piston - the invention of a miner. Even with the standard waterproof waste press boxes account for the cleaning work.

BERGMANN Deformers provide for the cancellation and volume reduction of PET bottles, cans and styrofoam. In connection with Bergmann press boxes enormous discharge weights are obtained.


Roto-Baler 1400E



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