Metso Pre-Shredders come to NZ!

22 October 2013

Metso Pre-Shredders come to New Zealand.

We are proud to announce that Metso Recycling have selected Alert Engineering to be their NZ agent for their Mobile and Stationary M&J ETA Pre-Shred series.  This is really exciting for us as Alert as we believe it brings the Waste Shredder Experts (Metso) and the Waste and Recycling Equipment and Service Specialists (Alert) together. And you can't get much better than that!

Metso Recycling specialises in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty shredding equipment for waste and recycable material.   Through more than 600 installations worldwide and continued focus on R&D, Metso Recycling is one of the world's leading suppliers of shredders for the recycling industry.

'All Metso Shredders Share a Certain Basic Features and an Exceptionally Robust Construction.  We use Components from Internationally Recognised Suppliers, to Ensure Maximum Performance and Durability'. - Metso.

These shredders are serious and can be used for shredding a wide range of commodies including; Wood, Plastic and Straw Bales, Household and Industrial Waste, Bulky items eg. furniture (yes this includes mattresses!), Carpets, Hazardous and Biomass

  • The versatility to enable different waste types to be processed
  • Low wear costs
  • High availability factor
  • Slow turning with low dust and noise emissions
  • Worldwide experience from different applications
  • Non-sensitive to impurities in the waste stream

Who Can Benefit;
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plants
  • Incineration plants for heat/electricity generation
  • Waste Derived Fuel (RDF) plants based on commercial and industrial waste
  • Hazardous Waste Plants
  • Biomass plants- straw and wood
  • Recycling Plants
M&J Eta PreShred Stationary      M&J Eta PreShred Mobile     M&J Eta FineShred

Waste Waste and Save Space with a Metso Pre-Shredder!

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