Alert Alligator Shears model name change

21 October 2013

Alert Alligator Shears Model Name Change

Alert have been making the Ramjet style Alligator shears since the boss purchased Ramjet International way back in 1994.  We've had a long hard think about it (about 19 years) and we're changing the model names to reflect their true identity as Alert Engineering machines.

New Name Old Name
AS8-20  RJ8-20
AS26-30      RJ26-30
AS26-50    RJ26-50
AS26-100    RJ26-100

We no longer manufacture the RJ14-50, RJ26-65 or the RJ26-85 but don't worry we still hold parts or can make replacement parts for you.

For more information please contact us on or +64 9 573 1008 
Alternatively please send an enquiry through our website 

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