STEINERT Unisort Flake Sorter

STEINERT Unisort Flake Sorter

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Steinert Unisort Flake Sorter 

The new generation of UniSort equipment is based on the latest colour camera technology and as a result, small objects can be reliably recognized. Complex sorting tasks are possible because the system records the complete spectral region for every spatial point, and utilizes mature, fast spectrometric algorithms, making this new generation of equipment extremely versatile.

High-performance, state-of-the-art hardware components enable the analytical processing of the flood of data from the spectroscopic measurements even at the highest possible spatial resolution. Furthermore, the spectral measurements are not simply compared with known patterns. The specially developed algorithms not only classify the standard plastics, but can also be adapted to tackle more difficult tasks.

Powerful, user-friendly, compact and flexible in application – these are the distinguishing features of the new systems.


Electronic scrap and flakes

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