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Steinert NES

The recovery of non-ferrous metals is the economic basis of all recycling: The Steinert Eddy Current Separator NES, featuring an its eccentric pole system, is the ideal tool for the job – for more than 20 years! High yield and long service life are the benefits that ensure efficient and long-term operating results.


Aluminium recycling, shredder material, municipal waste, slag, foundry sand, glass, electronic scrap (WEEE), wood chips, batteries.

The Steinert NES series is available in 6 models;

NES 50:    Working width   500mm / 20inch
NES 75:    Working width   750mm / 30inch
NES 100:  Working width 1000mm / 40inch
NES 125:  Working width 1250mm / 50inch
NES 150:  Working width 1500mm / 60inch
NES 200:  Working width 2000mm / 80inch

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