Roto-Baler 1400 E

Roto-Baler 1400 E

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Roto-Baler 1400 E

Invented by BERGMANN the pack stations combine the advantages of continuous feeding to the efficient collection of the waste all in the same machine. The compression takes place directly into a 1400 litre PE bag and can be transported with a previously inserted one-way pallet. The Roto-Baler's limited space requirements and high compaction results lead to cost efficency, as expensive and space-consuming facilities can be replaced.  The Pack Station (PS) 1400-E is of a high BERGMANN-quality level of German Engineering being a constructive and sophisticated product with a quiet low-maintenance drive.

Made in Germany


Continuous feeding waste compactor for 1400 ltr PE bag

  • Waste compactor for recyclable waste and residual waste
  • Crushing and compaction of waste by left / right rotation of a specially equipped steel drum
  • Continuous feeding
  • Compaction of waste in a 1400 liters PE bag


1. Mounting a 1400 litre PE film bag in the packing station.
2. Continuous filling by staff through the oversized filling chute.
3. Collection, shredding and compaction of waste by rotating special roller.
4. The high-density material can be easily removed and transported by forklift or hand truck trolley pallet from the previously inserted wooden pallet.
5. Subsequent collection by waste disposal.

Please click here to see a video of the PS 8100 in action (very similar to the Roto-Baler 1400 E)

Technical Features

  • Low space requirement
  • Large opening
  • High processing capacity
  • Low operating noise
  • Electrical protection class IP 44
  • Filling through chutes or conveyor belts possible
  • Machine CE certified


  • Continuous feed - even with open filling chute
  • Compression of the waste in order to reduce the number of evacuation trips to a minimum = less dramatic savings through disposal trips
  • Compaction results of up to 10:1 by the special compacting roller detects the waste, tears and compacts
  • Is particularly useful for collection of residual waste as well as recyclable waste (eg cardboard, packing foil, polystyrene, fruit boxes, cans, etc.)
  • Reducing disposal costs by up to 80%
  • Operation of the packing station is easy and straightforward
  • Easy operation by simple push button
  • The installation can be done directly at source of waste in your premises
  • Costs of waste handling, and account for personnel costs
  • Ideal also for continuous filling by chutes or conveyor belts
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Contribution to a clean working environment
  • Easy to transport the compacted material with wooden pallet
  • Minimizing the footprint for waste storage and thus saving the cost of traditional storage containers
  • The packing station replaces expensive and space-consuming facilities
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Low operating noise
  • Total solution for a clean, hygienic and above all space-and cost-saving waste handling
  • Proven worldwide for over 20 years with the highest quality standards
  • Technically and structurally sound by most experience
  • Guarantees a high, fast, and years of availability of spare parts, 15 years
  • Worldwide service partners



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