Oil Skimmer Model 6-V

Oil Skimmer Model 6-V

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If you are confronted with an oil contamination problem that requires prompt corrective action, we have the answer for you.... Its the Model 6-V Oil Skimmer from Oil Skimmers Inc.

Its a versitile, ruggered, always dependible, and fully automatic.

The 6-V utilizes a unique floating tube system. The closed loop tube, made of flexible, specially formulated plastic attracts oil but not water. The 6-V automatic skimmer continuously draws the oil covered tube through scrapers and returns the clean tube to the water surface to gather more oil.

The collector tube, which is sized to your application, snakes over and around floating debris to reach the contaminant. The flexible tube flops so that it breaks through crusted oil of grease and makes these contaminants adhere to the outer surface. The tube will extend as far as 16 feet from shore-line or pit edge when the 6-V is equipped with our balance boom system.

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