Oil Skimmer Model 5-H

Oil Skimmer Model 5-H

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Oil Skimmers,Inc. has developed a poineering oil skimmer system that has prove its effectiveness and long life in thousands of plant operations throughout the world.
Our skimmer products utilize a flexible floating collector tube that is able to snake over and around debris to reach the oil.
The tube floats up and down the varying liquid levels.The tube flops so that it breaks up crusted oil and grease causing these contaminantsto adhere to the tube.
The collector tube can sized to a variety of lengths to fit your particular applications.

Simple, rugged and always dependable.That's our Model 5-H.

All you do is turn it on and it goes right to work skimming waste oils, mineral and vegetable oils, animal fats, oil froths, and other contaminants from water, coolants and cleaning solutions.
It keeps on working until the job is done, while you perform other tasks. Model5H is one worker that always likes to work alone.

For Bigger Jobs, our Model 6-V is your answer.

In addition to the 5-H, Oil Skimmer produces a larger skimmer for removal of oil from dettling ponds,steel mill scale pits, below-floor sumps, and central coolant systems. The larger unit is called the 6-V and can be mounted many ways to suit your application.

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