Metso M&J Eta PreShred Stationary

Metso M&J Eta PreShred Stationary


-Low wear costs
-High availability factor
-Worldwide experience from different applications
-The versatility to enable different waste types to be processed
-Slow turning with low dust and noise emissions
-Non-sensitive to impurities in the waste stream

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Metso M&J Eta Pre Shred Stationary 

Metso Recycling specialises in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty shredding equipment for waste and recycable material. Through more than 600 installations worldwide and continued focus on R&D, Metso Recycling is one of the world's leading suppliers of shredders for the recycling industry.

Key Advantages of the M&J Eta PreShred:

  • Open cutting table reduces wear to the bare minimum
  • Bi-Directional shredding results in a consistent flow of shredded material onto down-stream conveyors
  • Asynchronous shredding keeps waste constantly moving, thus improving shredding efficiency
  • With Metso aggressive knife design, no pushing device is required
  • Central lubricating system is standard on all machines
  • Automatic reversal if knives encounter large or tough steel cement parts
  • Intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to processed material characteristics. The PLC control system is equipped with six standard programs, including two that can be individually programmed
  • Hardox steel used in all parts of the cutting table exposed to wear
  • Bi-directional shredding with equal speed and torque reduces wear and improves capability and pre-shredder capacity.

Application Examples:

  • Wood and Straw bales 
  • Plastic and plastic bales
  • Household Waste
  • Industrial Waste
  • Bulky items eg. furniture (yes this includes mattresses!)
  • Carpets
  • Hazardous and Biomass

Who Will Benefit:

  • Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plants
  • Incineration plants for heat/electricity generation
  • Waste Derived Fuel (RDF) plants based on commercial and industrial waste
  • Hazardous Waste Plants
  • Biomass plants- straw and wood
  • Recycling Plants
  • Transfer Stations

MBT Plants
Due to ever increasing landfill costs, fewer land-fill opportunites and the need to reduce carbon emissions, more waste processing companies are looking to optimise recyclable material extraction and maximise RDF recovery. 

MBT Plants can increase recycling opportunites when using M&J shredders.  By combining M&J Stationary shredders with M&J Fine-shredders, a perfect RDF can be produced, thus ensuring a maximum recovery of material.

Transfer Stations
The cost of waste transportation is an important factor. To save money it is important to shred waste to a manageable size at or near the point of collection.

Metso shredder is often used for processing waste.  As waste flows can be heterogeneous with unpredictable and varying characteristics, there is a heavy demand on stationary pre and fine shredding equipment.  Metso Recycling shredders are well-proven in ruggedness, versatility and reliability.

The Metso Recycling range of stationary shredders includes four machine sizes covering a wide range of capacities.

M&J Eta PreShred
1000 Stationary  
M&J Eta PreShred
2000 Stationary 
M&J Eta PreShred
4000 Stationary
M&J Eta PreShred
6000 Stationary 
No. of Shafts 
Rotation Speed
(standard/HDC powerpack)
13-52 / 10-37rpm16-40 / 26-55rpm16-40 / 26-55rpm11-32 rpm 
Cutting area1584 x 1600mm 2420 x 1273mm  2420 x 2000mm3461 x 2400mm 
No. of Knives 5 / 6 / 7 6 / 8 / 9 / 10 9 / 12 / 14 / 169 / 12 / 14 / 16
Drive power pack2x55 / 2x75 / 2x1101x110 / 1x132 / 1x2002x132 / 2x160 / 2x2002x200 / 2x 250
Capacity / hr
Household waste*
Up to 40 tUp to 70 tUp to 100 tUp to 200 t
Capacity /hr
Demolition wood*
Up to 30 tUp to 40 tUp to 70 tUp to 100 t
Capacity / hr
Industrial waste*
Up to 15 tUp to 20 tUp to 35 tUp to 50 t
Capacity / hr
Bulky waste*
Up to 20 tUp to 25 tUp to 50 tUp to 70 t
* Depending on loading, grain size and density of the input material

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