Metso M&J Eta FineShred

Metso M&J Eta FineShred

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Metso M&J Eta FineShred

The M&J Eta FineShred is a double shaft shredder from Metso Recycling consisting of two-shaft shredders in the same unit for continuous material input.  These shredders can be used in a wide range of different applications including difficult materials such as sticky bitumen, fabrics and foams. Particle sizes of 8-100mm are obtainable depending on the screen size applied.  

Key Benefits:
  • Homogeneous output
  • Self-feeding
  • Minimal fine particles
  • Minimal dust emissions
  • No heat generation
  • Easy maintenance

Application examples:
  • RDF
  • PET
  • WEEE
  • Wood
  • Bituen
  • Nylon
  • Kevlar
  • Paper


 Output size RDF PET WEEE Wood 
M&J Eta 
FineShred 4500
10 mm <=4 t/h <=3 t/h <=4 t/h <=13 t/h 
 40 mm<=10 t/h <=8 t/h <=7 t/h <=20 t/h 
 60 mm<=12 t/h <=10 t/h <=8 t/h <=22 t/h 
M&J Eta
FineShred 6500
10 mm<=9 t/h <=5 t/h <=6 t/h <=20 t/h 
 40 mm <= 15 t/h <=10 t/h <=10 t/h <=30 t/h 
 60 mm <=18 t/h <=14 t/h<=12 t/h <=33 t/h 

Technical Specifications

 Shaft Length Shaft Diameter Shaft Edges Rotation Speed No. of Tools Output Size Drive Drive Power 
M&J Eta
FineShred 4500
1334mm 665mm 12 Up to 280 rpm 2 x 72pcs Ø8-100mm Hydraulic 2x110kW 
M&J Eta 
FineShred 6500
2014mm 665mm 12 Up to 280 rpm 2x108pcs Ø8-100mm Hydraulic 2x160kW 

Click here to see a video of the Metso FineShred at work 

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