Guidetti W.I.R.E. 415

Guidetti W.I.R.E. 415

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W.I.R.E. 415

The "W.I.R.E." Series (Wire Innovative Recycling Equipment) series is meant for medium-big recyclers with a high industrial concept of its use. Thanks to a high automation level in the shredding and separating process, and to the unique versatility to treat any kind of cable, it is the most technologically advanced solution present on the market. It has also the lowest noise level in this category of machines and emissions into the atmosphere are equal to zero.

The W.I.R.E. 415 is a Compact plant for cables recycling, features include:

  • Automatic feeding of the shredded material coming from the shredder
  • Force dosing system to keep constant the granulators efficency
  • Granulator equipped with 3 rotating blades and 3 stationary blades
  • Transport and separation of the granulated copper coming from rigid cables
  • Refining system to reduce the granulated material
  • Pneumatic transport for refined and compacted material
  • Vibrating dry separator for insulation and copper
  • De-dusting and self cleaning filtering system
  • Transport and collection of the dust

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