Guidetti Sincro 430E & 430E-C

Guidetti Sincro 430E & 430E-C

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SINCRO 430E & 430E/C 

The "SINCRO" Series, on the market for more than 10 years, have been designed for the recycling of electric cables (copper and aluminium) through their granulation and successive separation of metal from the insulation material (PVC, rubber, PE, paper, tissues, etc...). All models are soundproofed and equipped with a dedusting filtering system in the respect of the working environment. Ideal for manual feeding, they can also be combined to a pre-shredder to improve the producticity and make the operator’s work easier.

The "SINCRO" compact plants mod. 430E -430E/C, have been designed to recycle electric cables. They are fully soundproofer and include:

  • Granulator with 3 mobile blades and 2 fix counter-blades complete with electrical installation
  • Vibrating dry separator (0.34 sqm)
  • Suction plant withdust filter

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