Guidetti PMG 400 Pre- Shredder

Guidetti PMG 400 Pre- Shredder

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GUIDETTI’s new series of shredders, characterized by a "HIGH CUTTING EFFICIENCY".  Thanks to the various combinations of shaft, power, screen-size, magnetic separation, etc, can process different kinds of materials: electric cables with either copper or aluminium, non-ferrous metals, rubber, plastic materials, wood, composite materials, paper etc. The production capacity ranges from 300 to 3000 kg/h.

PMG 400

  • Grid diameter 30
  • Low noise level and low energy consumption
  • Blades: 10 rotating, 4 external
  • Reversable blades: can be used on both sides, long lasting and easy to maintain
  • Ensures easy pressure and feeding speed adjustment, by adapting to the different types of material to be shredded and allowing automatic mode work


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