Guidetti EKO GAMMA

Guidetti EKO GAMMA

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The "EKO" Series is the evolution and the completion of the Sincro series. Smaller dimensions, reduced consumption and better soundproofing make it the right answer to small scrap dealers searching for cheap solutions with high efficiency. These machines are the best solution present on the market in terms of reliability and productivity combined to a very easy maintenance that can be carried out by any operator.

The "EKO" compact plants mod. GAMMA have been designed to recycle electric cables. They are fully sound proofed and comprising of:

  • Granulator with three mobile blades and two fixed counter - blades complete with electrical installation.
  • Vibrating dry separater (sq.m.0.25).
  • Suciton plant with dust filter.

    Click Here to see the EKO Gamma in action

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