Alert Stationary Rear Hook Loader Compactors

Alert Stationary Rear Hook Loader Compactors

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Alert Rear Hook Loader Compactors are known for their reliablity and performance. Their ideal environment is in medium to large shopping centres, goods processing / distribution centres and factories where vast volumes of waste requires compaction.

The compaction of waste on-site allows for smaller foot-print of the stored refuse, a cleaner safer workspace and more managed control over rodents and pests.

The compactors are transported using Rear Hook Loaders such as the Alert AHR Series, to empty direct at tip sites or alternatively at transfer stations. The Compaction and optional tipper are powered by the onboard Electro-Hydraulic Power unit, and all functions are controlled by an Alert programmed on-board PLC. The Power Supply (3 Phase) is connected from the supply (wall) to the receptacle on the compactor.

Additional Standard Safety Features include Key-Lock Operation (access is limited to autherised personel only) Hydraulic Compactor Chamber Lid, Automatic (electronic) Lock-outs and motor overload / heat protection. Recommended transport is a 16-20 ton lift (depending on refuse processed).

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