Alert Midi Can Baler

Alert Midi Can Baler

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The Alert Midi Can Balers are small can balers suitable for Beverage Can Manufacturers, Beverage Canning Plants and Small Refuse/Recycling Stations.

The Automatic Midi Baler operates on a pre-determined cycle controlled by a built in PLC. When the hopper is filled up to the level and the optical beam is broken, the press starts and cycles through its program. This includes pre-compaction which cycles the packer head at a lower pressure, then the full compression that makes the bale, after this the door opens and the bale is ejected into the exit table. The door closes and the Midi Baler is ready for the next cycle. (The amount of pre-compaction cycles can be changed by the operator to suit the type of material or size of bale required)

The Manually operated Midi Baler, which is more suitable for smaller operations with intermittant volumes where a trained operator can run the machine. The machine has a manual hydraulic control valve on the side of the machine, controlling the compaction cylinder and the door cylinder. A pressure gauge is mounted adjacent to the controls indicates when maximum compaction is reached.

Available for both models is a magnetic conveyor that sorts and separates the steel from the aluminium cans, allowing smoother production with no hand sorting.


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