Alert E-Scrap Shredder

Alert E-Scrap Shredder

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AES-980 E-Scrap Shredder

Alert have developed and manufactured an E-Scrap Breaker the first of its type; where the rotor configuration is not only custom to client specifications but also interchangable due to the way the rotors are fitted. This means we can build one machine for a number of various shredding requirements.  This particular Alert built breaker / shredder, the AES-980 was specifically designed for CRT monitors and Televisions.  The idea behind this machine is so the e-scrap can be broken down into smaller parts, which are then fed along a conveyor or picking line to staff who can sort the different materials easier and more efficiently.  This breaker is essentially a Pre-Shredder and can also be used with ancillary recycling equipment including but not limited to balers, conveyors, granulators and sorters.  Recycable e-scrap is feed through the top of the machine where the rotor blades will shred items into pieces; those smaller pieces come out the bottom outlet.



  • Versatility with interchangeable rotor blades 
  • Can be made to specific customer specifications and applications
  • One machine can be tailored to accommodate more than one application
  • Can be made to support various ancillary equipment 
  • Easy operator use
  • 22kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD)



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