Alert AS8-20 (RJ8-20) Mini Alligator Shear

Alert AS8-20 (RJ8-20) Mini Alligator Shear

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The Alert Mini Shear is the smallest in the Alert range of Alligator Shears. It is ideal as a small cleaning shear or well suited for places where only single phase power is available.

The Mini Shear is easy to operate and highly manouvrable machine. With remote Pedal / Cable operation as a standard for safety, this shear can be operated from all angles.

Although the blades are only 203mm (8") long, this small shear packs a powerful punch. With the same High/ Low system as our other Alligator shears, it operates fast on light duties, and when required switches to low speed / high pressure to cut through tough materials.

The standard shear is pedistal mounted, giving lots of clearance and an ergonomic work enviroment for the operator. Optionally, a Bench-Top mounted model is also available.

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