Alert AS26-50 (RJ26-50) Alligator Shear

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The Alert AS26-50 Alligator Shear is the mid size shear from the popular RJ26 series, with 50 Tonnes cutting force over 26" long blades. This electro-hydraulic shear is ideal as a cleaning shear for light to medium reduction of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials.

For even faster operation this shear utilises our own High/Low hydraulic system which provides High flow/low pressure initially, then smoothly switches to low flow to give high pressure when required. With a serated bottom blade and straight top blade the material is normally prevented from "walk away" from the pivot point, increasing cutting efficencies.

The RJ26-50 is very well suited for cutting of skelleton plate, re-inforcing bar and light mesh material up to 300mm wide. The shear will cut up to 32mm diameter mild steel round bar.

To make the unit more (safely) manouvreable two forkhoist pockets are mounted under the shear, thus creating a safer work enviroment by reducing strain on operators, and maximising production.

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