Alert AS26-100 (RJ26-100) Alligator Shear

Alert AS26-100 (RJ26-100) Alligator Shear

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The Alert AS26-100 Alligator Shear is the largest shear from the Alert range. With 100 Tonnes of Cutting Force this Electro-Hydraulic Shear is ideal as a heavy duty shear for light gauge Ferrous and heavier
Non-Ferrous materials.

Fast operation of this shear is accomplished with a double hydraulic pump system, providing high flow / low pressure initially, it switches to low flow to give the high pressure required to cut. The high pressure pump also provides the power for the hydraulic hold down.

With a serated bottom blade and straight top blade the material is normally prevented from "walking away" from the point of pivot, increasing cutting efficiencies.

To make the unit more (safely) manoeuvrable two forkhoist pockets are mounted under the shear, thus creating a safer work enviroment by reducing strain on operators, and maximising production.

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