Alert AGP-220 Baling Press

Alert AGP-220 Baling Press

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The AGP-220 is one of the larger scrap baling presses from the Alert range. The AGP-220 is designed for Non-Ferrous and Light Gauge Ferrous material, specifically in longer lengths and when high volume production through put is important. With a bale being produced in approximatly 30 seconds production rates of 12 tonne/hour are not uncommon on light gauge steel.

Aluminium Extrusions in long lengths, Roofing iron, light gauge skeletel sheets and much more are sized and baled in one operation by the Alert AGP-220 Scrap Baling Press. No need to size material to fit in a charge box anymore the AGP-220 side loader is programmed to feed the right amount of product to make a prefect bale every time.

The AGP-220 is a 3 stage baler which comprises a side loader;
Stage 1: The side laoder feeds the material into the chamber prior to the guillotining action from the lid
Stage 2: During this shearing a hold down arm ensures that material remains within the confines of the hopper (added safety). The lid also acts as a pre-compression stage.
Stage 3: Is the compression of the gathered material with 218 tonnes of force, creating a high density bale.

Check out the video an see for yourself just how good this Scrap Metal Press is.

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