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Spare Blade Sets Available for the Alert Range of Alligator Shears and Baling Presses


Alligator Shears 

Mini Shear 

Straight Blade               P/n     RJB-7

Notched Blade             P/n     RJB-6

RJ26, RJ26-10, RJ26-30, RJ26-65

Straight Blade               P/n     RJB-2

Notched Blade             P/n     RJB-1


Straight Blade               P/n     RJB-3

Notched Blade             P/n     RJB-4

RJ26-85, RJ26-100

Straight Blade               P/n     RJB-5


Baling Presses


RJ30, RJ60, RJ100

Lid Blade                     P/n     RJB-12

Chamber Blade            P/n     RJB-1


Blade Shims


Pre made Blade shims available in

0.25mm, 0.5mm and 1.0mm


Please provide us with your machine serial number when

enquiring about replacement blades.

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